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Maybe it was because of my fat aunty and the lace cushion

Unfortunately I have had to content myself with viewing museum examples of these very early pieces and representations by artists, like Van Dyke. She had bought it from a widower in her village, whose wife had inherited it from her grandmother. According to Wikipedia fine lace has been manufactured since the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century. It looks as though almost any apparel manufactured for women this summer could be made with lace, have a lace trim or lace panel: blouses, skirts, dresses, t-shirts and even overcoats and bags will be appearing on the high street in lace. I wondered if the grandmother had glasses, or if she worked with a magnifying glass? Although I was told never to touch the cushion I regularly altered the position of many of the bobbins, knowing that it would never be noticed. She could fall asleep without warning during almost any activity including walking. Her house was a vintage treasure trove, a messy jumble of Victoriana and early twentieth century bric-a-brac.

Maybe it was because of my fat aunty and the lace cushion that I have always been attracted to vintage lace.

This collection of vintage lace includes many large document swatches perfect for conversion, reference, trending or inspiration on mood-boards. When I'm out hunting for vintage I am always delighted to find an interesting piece of vintage lace or a vintage lace garment.

When I was young, I enjoyed some of my summer holidays in the country, where I stayed with a fat auntie who suffered from linen-look fabric narcolepsy. She often fell asleep while riding her bicycle. On several occasions I entered her kitchen to find her asleep at the sink with her hand deep in a washing-up bowl. Nothing that entered the chapel ever came out again. I was recently very pleased to be able to purchase a large scrapbook of vintage novelty lace in many colourways and wide variety of designs - I do hope my scanner can do them justice. Lace is definitely on-trend this year and will probably be much bigger in summer 2011.

Over the years, however, I have bought and sold several manufacturers' sample collections of vintage lace. She hardly ever left the house without returning with a newly acquired object and they weren't always small. Vintage lace will be the inspiration for many of these products. She hoarded anything old and although she had very little knowledge of what she was buying, her intuition was sound - she had a good eye.                                   by Sam Scribbler. In her garden stood a small private chapel that she used for the storage of large pieces of mostly dark brown furniture in need of restoration and a couple of pianos. It was only due to quiet country roads and a few miracle escapes that she lived to be eighty-four. She left it to a female cousin who sold it.

A lace cushion she kept on the wide window seat in her parlour always fascinated me.

My aunty was a collector of all things vintage. The cushion was soft satin and the piece of lace attached was extremely fine.

I didn't inherit my auntie's lace cushion. My aunt said it was Belgian and that the grandmother had been Scandinavian. The last piece of lace the grandmother was working on before she died was still attached, as were all of the little bobbins and their threads.Lace is a fascinating fabric, beautiful, intricate, delicate yet deceptively strong and sexy too


Today's economy is much different than the past.

On the note of the environment; cloth diapers help out the environment. If you take away more than two thousand five hundred disposable diapers every year from going into our landfills, there are many less landfills that will get filled, thus reducing the pollution a great deal. They grow on trees in Southern Asian countries, and have no added chemicals or preservatives to irritate your baby's skin.Cloth diapers are making a strong comeback. Are you convinced? Will you switch to cloth diapers?                                   by Matt Johnson.. The tight woven fabric will last frequent washes for many years to come. Have you rethought the processes in your life and how they affect the environment?

Today's economy is much different than the past.

Disposable diapers are anything but natural. This is another factor people consider in their day to day lives. How if ten or twenty families changed over to cloth diapering. Imagine how much that would add up if you had two or three kids. You might be surprised at how much money you can save by switching to cloth.

The benefits of using cloth diapers for your kids are undeniable. Those chemicals and bleaches are in contact with your baby's skin at all hours of the day and night. It is becoming quite popular as one of the best laundry detergents for removing the smells from cloth diapers. They are very good for the environment as well. The environment is becoming a much stronger focus in today's society, thus causing Sofa Fabric Manufacturer people to rethink how they do things. The old days of washing poopy diapers in the sink are over. Has it made a difference in yours? Cloth diapering can save a great deal of money over the years, especially for families with more than one child


Renting is a cheaper option as compared to purchasing displays

• Custom Made Display- Buy your own custom made display to establish your company's identity at any business event. It is best to carry your own portable displays so that when its time for the show you don't get any unpleasant surprises in case the rental provider fails to deliver. You can select a low cost display if your finances are tight at present and opt for a more spectacular, higher priced one when your business improves.

• Cost Effective - Renting is a cheaper option as compared to purchasing displays to use during your trade show participation.                                   by Barbara Jane Radcliff. Best of all, you can opt for a new display every time so that even repeat customers find something new in your trade show stall to capture their attention. When you opt for purchase, you have the opportunity to make improvements, changes or corrections so that at the event you have a 'picture perfect' display. Newer, better and more attractive display options keep entering the xafs all the time. Depending on your needs, it is important to make the right decision about renting or buying these highly valuable xafsing tools for your business. Depending on a rental service will cause delays and at times, displays that you need may not be available at short notice. When you own your display, you are never caught unprepared. You can even streamline your display selection to match the trade show booth dimensions exactly. There are advantages to both these options. Instead of tying yourself down to one owned display you can choose from the most recent arrivals when you tie Curtain Fabrics suppliers up with a good trade show display rental provider. The money you save here can be used to enhance the trade show booth with more displays or multimedia so that the overall impact of your booth is heightened. You can supply the graphics or artwork and the text that you want your display to carry.

• Keep Pace with Changes- When you opt for renting your trade show displays, you can keep pace with changes in this field.

Advantages of Renting

• Flexibility- When you rent trade show displays for your business events, you get maximum flexibility.

Advantages of Buying

• Be Prepared At all Times- Displays like pop ups are very effective even during conferences or seminars that are held in your office.

• Ideal for Events at Outside Locations- If you need to participate in a business event at a location that is unfamiliar to you, it is difficult to identify reliable rental providers there to source displays from. You should understand your needs clearly so that you can make a proper buy or rent decision when it comes to making arrangements for your event.When it comes to trade show displays, you can either opt for a rental or purchase displays for your business event. You can jazz up client presentations even when customers drop in unexpectedly if you own your display.

Trade show displays enhance the impact of your presentation at important business events


Enjoy your new Magical Wand.

I love watching them come up with all sorts of fun and imaginative things.doc linen-look fabric by Sara Duggan. Hot glue in place.

Step 6:

Enjoy your new Magical Wand.

For a photo of the finished project visit: i13. Iron the pieces together. We make these for ourselves as well as for our friends.


  1. Wool Felt  Template* Small dowel Wonder Under Silk ribbon Glitter Stencils Glue Fabric pens Wooden bead Iron Hot glue gun glue stick

Step 1:

Using the Template* Make two Circles out of Wool Felt and 1 circle out of Wonder Under

Step 2:

Place 1 Wool Felt Circle down on your work surface and Iron the Wonder under on this piece.

Step 4:

Using the glue, fabric pens, glitter, and other add-ons decorate your Wand. After many attempts we came up with one that we really enjoy. You should now have a dowel with a felt circle on top.

Step 3:

Hot glue the wooden bead to the top of the wand.5 inches to the dowel just under the wool circle.

Hope you enjoy making these as much as we do. Add the last Wool Felt Circle on top.

Step 5:

Tie a piece of silk ribbon about 1 ? 1.jpg

Template: mommie-care/wand_templates. Magic and spells make up a majority of their playtime.

One day as I was watching them play I decided to make them a wand. Place the dowel in the center of the Circle. We took out our magic box of goodies and proceeded to make a wand.

My boys and I love to play magician.photobucket/albums/a292/mamasara/mine019


While switching up bedding can be done

  This option doesn't have to be expensive if you use your imagination.

  You can also purchase some pillow shams and change them every month or so to give your bedroom a different look. You can use intricately carved wood screens and mount the screens to the wall using picture-frame wire. Adding draping to your bedroom (over the windows and even over the bed,) can add elegance, excitement, and relaxation to your bedroom. Here are some decorating ideas feinan that can help make your bedroom more cozy without it costing a fortune to make it over. All you have to do is rearrange your furniture.

  The first idea can be done without buying anything new. This way, the bed looks cleaner because you don't have two to three pillows laying next to each other on the bed, but rather, just one pillow.

  The second idea involves painting your room. This way, you can break up the usual pattern of your bed. This alone can help you feel excited about your "new" room.

  To add even more change, make sure the long pillow you substitute has a great pattern or vivid color that makes it stand out from your neutral-color bed. Remodeling it doesn't have to be expensive or difficult; small changes like moving the furniture around, painting the area above your bed, adding a solid blanket to your bed, or adding a creative headboard can add excitement to your bedroom, yet also provide a calming influence so you can relax and rest in your bedroom more easily. Most bedrooms have more than one wall that the bed can be placed against, so rearranging the furniture into a new, but still functional, sequence should still be feasible.

  Even adding small accessories, like a new corner table or a new vase of flowers, to the bedroom can give it a different look and feel. You sleep there, you relax there, you often make love there (if you're involved in a relationship,) etc.The bedroom is obviously one of the most important rooms in your home.

  Another way to make your bedroom a different room is to add a headboard to your bed.

  Alternatively, you could just paint the wall above your bed. This option is quick, easy, and affordable on virtually any type of budget.

  The third idea involves making your bedroom over with fabric.

  Another way to break up the usual look of your bed is to substitute the many pillows on your bed for just one lone pillow.

  The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your household, but surprisingly, many people overlook decorating it and keeping the room lively, yet relaxing. Not only will this save time and money, but will also give your bedroom a whole new look by just emphasizing that one wall with a new, fresh coat of paint.

  Unfortunately, the bedroom is also one of the most neglected rooms in the home when it comes to decorating it and making it cozy. You can also create a headboard from many picture frames and use the resulting headboard to help bring attention to your bed, since the headboard will be considerably different than what you normally get in a bedroom set. Obviously, if your bedroom isn't cozy, you're not going to be able to unwind and rest well sleeping in that room. It is certainly a place you go to to unwind from the stresses of the day and prepare for a restful sleep at night.

  While switching up bedding can be done, a more inexpensive way of achieving the same idea is to add a solid blanket to the foot of your bed


There are many things associated with elves

  Tailors need not add other materials such as silk or satin to the attire as sometime, they are already included in the details of the design. Elves’ belts are wide and they have been made popular thanks to the media.

  Elves costumes are not uncommon to people. We can wear stuffs like bags and shoes with these motives. Elves shoes will also improve your costume appearance. A joyous occasion invites pleasure and fun for friends and family gatherings. Elves are also hardly ever seen without their long socks so these are also important part of the attire.Thanksgiving is an event that is commonly celebrated in the Western World. They should not out of shape or embarrassing. Therefore, designing the said costumes would not be difficult at all. Motives like turkey and four leaf clover are will work best for thanksgiving. Every household has their own way to have fun during this time.

  Green is the official color of Thanksgiving thus the elf costumes are given this shade. Other than that, cotton is the easiest material for design process. First, we look at patterns. The body shape of the wearer must match the costume itself. Tailors, just like making other outfits should give due consideration on the size of the wearer. Everyone is entitled to enjoy themselves at the party. These elves outfit can be created with a few simple features people would never miss. Thus, Thanksgiving costumes are seen in these parties. Do not let bad or ill fitted costumes ruin all the fun and excitements.

  Although elves are small creatures, their costumes does not have to be small sized.

  There are many things associated with elves. They should make you look good and feel good. Apart from that, the attire’s bottom part is usually short and wide. The waist area is the most crucial part that they should pay attention to, because the wearer would be going to a party where a lot of food is served. They can be bought at the same store as the main outfit. They sometimes choose yellow for Thanksgiving costumes although there are still traces of green. For those who are allergic to cotton, they can opt for synthetic fibers. We can see elves almost every time in the media. Belts will make you look even better. These, as well as big sized buttons, the tight coats will never do without.

  Most Thanksgiving costumes are made from cotton. However, there are tailors that do not comply with the color coding thus they utilize other shades in their designs. The character most identified with this season is the elf. Therefore, elf costumes are adorned by most people in a Thanksgiving party. the pants are also given baggy effects with a tight fittings at the end. First, they have big pockets. These materials are sold by the yard in most fabric stores. Cotton is light and allows the body to maintain its normal temperature. So go have a blast in your best-looking elf costume!

  . White is a safe bet when creating the costumes since it is a very neutral shade and can be used in every event of the year. To spice up the event, organizers tell their guests to wear something in line with the season. So make sure you have made the most of your costumes by making them comfortable and good to wear. Red is fine with the season but it is more suited for Valentines Day and for Halloween.

  Seasons such as a thanksgiving will create more cheer when there is a theme party held. Most of the other costumes also have green for their color. Having theme parties is one of the most curtain fabric popular ways of enjoying the season. These costumes have great designs and are made from carefully selected materials


If you are going for the Suede kippah

  They are made from the finest material as you deserve to get the best and look special during your occasions. You can also procure Bentchers and the traditional Taleisem if you need.

  You can also shop for accessories for the special occasions.

  In many a religions of the world there is a tradition of covering the head during the religious occasions. The team at Kippahource puts in lot of respect and love while preparing each kippot.20 each.When a person is born and growing up, he instills many a things, customs and rituals which he would love to follow all throughout his life. Be it the Yalmuke, a wedding in the family, Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah you are surely going to be perfectly dressed complete with these kippot. There are the classical ones including moir, brocade, satin and velvet. You can go for anything you like from the baseball designed to the basketball designed, from the soccer design to the football designs. While the women need to wear traditional costumes and jewelry the men also have to follow certain dress code.

  If you are sporty and do not give any NBA match a miss then why not go for something sporty; this will help your wear your style as well as look different in any Jewish occasion. There are exquisitely designed Ketubos which are cost effective and worthy to be preserved for long.

  The company having so many years of experience can offer the right kind of kippots that will be just apt for your celebration. You can also go for designed suede ones which are available in outstanding quality and standard size and you’ll get a wide array of prints and colors to choose from.

  If you are looking for creative designer kippah made from the finest material then you have a very reliable associate to help you out! Kippah Source has been in operation for the past half a century bringing together the best creative designs and hardcore professionalism to create kippah Los Angeles, kippah Philadelphia or kippah New York that will be just right to cover your head.

  The social and spiritual functions of every religion of the world are very special and involve lot of motifs, special kind of decoration and ornamentation as well as attire.

  If you are going for the Suede kippah, you’ll receive the best and genuine kippots made from 100% pure suede and they are the best offered in the industry. If you want to go for a contemporary look in the yarmulke or Bat Mitzvah then choose among the suede, leather or foils. He has seen his parents and grandparents following those rituals and customs and grown up loving those and keeping those close to their hearts. These just not look great but will remind you of your childhood days.95. The Dsd 58 and the Dsd 51 will cost $2. These may be embossed or alternatively these may also be foil stamped. The xafs leader in its own right, Curtain Fabrics Manufacturers the company puts you in an advantageous position by offering a wide range of varieties to choose from and each being offered at the industry best price. All these are available at just $2.


When most people think of old houses

  An old house has seen things within its walls that will forever remain secret. It is this profusion of architectural accoutrements---the imaginative window dressings, brackets, railings, cresting ironwork, decorative chimney treatments, delicate spindle work and adventurous roof lines---which affords these dramatic buildings a somewhat warm and whimsical place in our minds, conveying the fanciful charm of an idyllic life. Yes, old houses speak to those of us who have learned to listen and have made the effort to understand the language of the inanimate. But for those of us who have learned to listen, their messages are very clear.

 Every old house expresses its own unique personality, arising partly from the human drama that has unfolded within its walls over the years, and partly through the presence of its own inanimate form, which, once completed, somehow begins to take on a life of its own. They speak to us in satin fabric ways that sometimes elude our conscious thoughts.Like me, you're probably among that handful of people who just love old houses. And it seems to know exactly how you feel about it as soon as you step onto the porch, in the same way that a cat or dog can immediately sense either your affinity with it or your fear of it.

  floor plans that I create today are much better looking than any architectural design software can produce, but of course it takes me much longer to create them, and since architects usually handle this part of a house design anyway, I have yet to find a way to xafs this talent. When I was a kid, I fell in love with floor plans.

  When most people think of old houses, the American Victorian styles come to mind, perhaps a colorful Queen Anne with a white picket fence if they're thinking of a happy house or maybe a very stern Second Empire with a big rusty wrought iron fence if they're thinking of an evil haunted house


What do you put on a vision board?

  If you dream of living in a mansion, driving a sportscar, with a lifestyle that's the envy of your peers and friends, then your vision board will reflect that goal. The idea is to create a collage with representative reminders of each component of your plans for the future. Your sub-conscious mind can no longer just ignore the ambitious dreams you are focusing your attention upon and constantly drawing attention to.

  Because creative visualization is such an integral part of achieving your goals and dreams in life, constructing a vision board to give definition to your plans is a critical step along your path to success.

  By repeatedly bringing yourself face to face with your future potential, you are challenging your mind to stretch, expand and reach out to attain that potential. It's a secret responsible for every big fortune, each major success and all revolutionary discoveries and inventions. As you construct your vision board, you let your imagination run wild. You allow yourself to dream, placing no hurdles or limitations on the flights of fancy and fantasy your mind goes on.

  Best-selling author of the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series, Mark Victor Hansen, is fond of telling the story about how he and Jack Canfield would tear off covers of TIME magazine, cut out the face of the person on it, and replace it with a photograph of themselves.Laurent gowns. You may have pictures of your favorite car, photos of your dream home, and samples of the fabric on your lounge or the leather of your car seat.

  Or you might take a different angle and have your vision board focus on the ultimate benefits of your posessions - a lifestyle of the rich and famous."If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there?"

  Within this trite and simple aphorism lies hidden a very powerful secret. It is far easier to believe firmly in something we can touch, see or smell, rather than trust in a 'reality' that exists only in our minds.

  He attributes creating that vision board for helping achieve his massive success as an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Or you may collect magazine clippings of luxury items like Rolex watches, Mont Blanc pens and Yves St. Having linen-look fabric seen, in your mind, what you want, it becomes a natural extension for the logical part of your brain to come up with practical solutions to problems that are keeping you from living that dream in reality.

  Secondly, by placing your vision board where you can constantly see it and come into contact with it, you are reinforcing this cerebral stimulation. And here's the secret - behind every dream that turns into reality, there is a clear, focused vision


You can also surf the Internet

  You should be able to move your arms freely in your suit & your trousers should be an adequate fit. A black bow-tie is always recommended for a traditional occasion.The modern day symbol for power, success, & confidence is a well-fitting suit. Because, not only is it uncomfortable to wear a badly-fitting suit but, also, gives an impression of untidiness.   Make sure your suit brings out the best in you. The coat lapels can be of four types notch, peak, shawl or any other variety. He earned his praise among his high profile list, which included people like Mick Jagger & David Bowie, with his contemporary style & attention to cut & detail. You will have to choose suits that are versatile & also which blend in with your lifestyle as well as frequency & occasions when you wear them.Also, choosing the right style & right fabric form the key. Of course, designer suits will be very expensive & will fit you perfectly whereas in the local stores, you can pick the best suit that fits you & get the best deals. Always make it a point to get measured for your suit. Its always safer to try & keep the cuts classic & traditional even though there are some trendy styles around. Of course, not everyone can afford a Boateng suit as its prices start at around $10,000. Black pants & a black coat with or without tailcoats form the core of a tuxedo. After a thorough research about the different designs & styles, you can pick your own perfect mens suit. Never compromise on your own personal style. You should be wearing a suit to your office that projects you in the above-mentioned fashion.   You can also surf the Internet, read the latest magazines & then come to a decision as to which type of suit you want to invest in. Picking the perfect mens suit is indeed a great task. Merino, Cashmere & Angora form the most common types of wool. It is always best to wear a tuxedo for formal occasions like a wedding. There are many varieties, various styles, & different designs that would suit different occasions. You should however, try to steer clear from floral patterns or overpowering colors. Modern suits, these days, however are mostly made of wool as it is considered to be durable, resistant, comfortable & wrinkle free. For traditional functions, the vest is usually simple & light-colored & for a more modern function, it is wild-colored & patterned.The suit chosen should be a perfect fit for the person wearing it & should also suit the occasion.   There are some basic considerations you will have to take into account as to when & where & for what occasion you will be wearing your suit. Engraved cufflinks or silk ties form as statement pieces & enhance in putting forward the final output needed for a quality tailored suit. You can decide whether you want to get designer suits or suits from an ordinary store depending on your needs & your budget. The mens power suit has been brought back into reckoning in the recent years by Ozwald Boateng, a notorious London Saville Row tailor, with his exuberant choice of textiles. You can get suits for a budget of around $200 to $500. Generally, pants have a stripe at the side. Traditional coats normally have one or two buttons while the modern coat has up to six buttons. What may seem as an expense at that time, will prove you a curtain fabric worthy investment on the long run. People generally wear a black tie & a white cummerbund

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