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what a Broadway play is like

Have you ever speculated what a Broadway play is like? Are you looking for an evening filled with astonishment and wonderment, grandeur and thrills? Where you enter a world of illusion and beauty from the moment you step into the theater to find your seat. Gazing about you in awe at this world you have just entered, a rich tapestry of color surrounds you, the lighting muted and soft, lending an eerie glow as you are about to experience all the world upon a stage, with an orchestra softly tuning instruments, and the huge and beautiful curtains on the stage rippling with activity unseen behind them.

 Then the hush grows to silence as the immense curtain linen-look fabricrises and you catch your first glimpse of the show you are about to see. You notice you are holding your breath as you drink all the stage in, feeling as if you are a part of this world you suddenly find yourself in.

  The actors become people you know and you love with them and ache for them, they are a part of your life in the here and now. The curtain fabric time passes quickly and the next thing you know, it's intermission, and you can breathe easily again as the theater lights are temporarily turned on. Now it's between Acts and you get a chance to saunter to the lobby to grab a drink and chat with your theater mates. You may get a program book, deciding for yourself that you must have something to look at, when the real world intrudes, to help carry yourself back to this world of wonder, remembering how you felt. Your life seems forever changed, leaving you wanting for more with the loud applause and the final curtain call.

  In cities all over the country, seeing a Broadway show is pure pleasure for those looking for one of the finer things in life, at a price anyone can afford. From New York City to Boston, Chicago to L.A.,poly-linen fabric National tours of the Broadway hits My Fair Lady and the Lion King can be seen in many cities across the America and Canada.

  From the oldest running show on Broadway, The Phantom of the Opera, to The Color Purple, a movie made into a Broadway show, your choices are limitless for an evening filled with wonder and something you will never forget, whether you are crying with the actors on stage to laughing so hard there are tears in your eyes. Going to the theater is an experience that has no equivalent. You'll find yourself carried to a world that you've never been to before, in all its brilliance and magnificence.


They use the water theme of showering.

Animals provide a nice subject for shower curtains. They can be in the form of accurate pictures of the animals or as cartoon images. Another popular idea is to use animal skin patterns, for example based on the tiger or cheetah. Nautical subjetcs using fish and shells are nice because they use the water theme of showering.

  1. Dogs: there are individual dogs or varieties of dogs over the whole of the curtain. Some have bones to go with the dogs. Cartoon dog images are also very nice.

  2. Zebra: the popular designs use zebra stripes. linen-look fabric There are other animal skin style shower curtains such as Cheetah and leopard spot images.

  3. Cat and Mouse: This one is a special curtain fabric suppliers design showing a black cat hunting a black mouse. The cat is positioned at the bottom of the curtain looking up at the mouse climbing up towards the top. A very funny design. There are many other cat based versions often with amusing cartoon designs.

  4. Frogs: these ones tend to be cartoon drawn frogs hopping around and hopping off lily pads. There are even ones with them playing leap frog.

  5. Ducks: Again the cartoon style ducks are the most popular but rubber duck images are also popular, which is not surprising considering their use in bathing.

  6. Butterflies: are very vivid so it is not surprising that they are a popular choice for shower curtains. Some are on a clear background which makes it seem like they are flying around you.

  7. Dolphins: this is my favorite, with them jumping and plunging back into the water. There is also a lovely one with them swimming through the water next to coral and other sea creatures. You think you are in a large fish tank with them.

  8. Flamingo: you can get many images of flamingos on a white background or my favorite: a pair of flamingos with a lagoon and palm tree background.


The wonderful balance of colours

Allow me to tell you why we believe black is so fabulous. Ever wonder why black is so fashionable with professionals ? Its a powerful color, its intense, its capable of giving you authority. In your decor black can make you gasp at first instances, black gives your home a 'wow factor'. Envisage a full black curtain with woven hints of metallic silver embroidery. Each range introduced now usually arrives with a touch of black.

  Current bestsellers, easily has got to be our Tordero red black curtains. They're actually fabulous, with a subtle glimmer, a appearance of complete and total luxury. Fully lined and offered in 11 sizes including long drop of 108 which is currently our bestselling size. Perhaps these attractive red black curtains are most requested because they are definitely a safer choice. The faux silk fabric goes with all decors naturally and the chrome silver eyelets give each space a modern touch.

  Tordero and Balance designer curtains are newest arrivals and our individual faves. The Tordero as illustrated earlier is a pencil pleat curtain with faux silk base material designed with a pintuck stripe for an ooohh-sooo-beautiful touch. Available in popular colours of red black curtains or black silver. From early reactions the Tordero curtains will surely create a storm. Well we expect so!

  Balance drapes in fact give you exactly what the name implys. The wonderful balance of colours, with amix of black, beige, cream and brown. curtain fabric The harmony of a modern ring top curtain with vertical stripes, contrast horizontal band and stunning heavy weight fabric. The black curtain in this range as you can imagine is our most popular. This curtain range is the idyllic portrayal for modern curtains.


why designers carefully select the rods

The modern patterns are equally astonishing with its care free style. Whether it is choosing a mind boggling window drapery, or a rod with amazing finials and rings, you ought to have your own personal style and taste. Those who follow the modern interior style would certainly benefitted by these modern styled rods

 The transformation of the drapery rods is noteworthy. This is why designers carefully select the rods and finials for hanging the window coverings tastefully. Windows have a lot of importance in a home and at the same time decoration on window plays a crucial role in enhancing the look of the rooms.

The best thing is that you have got a lot of information out there if you are willing to explore it. Along with this, you should have the taste to bring the right one for your window drapery. The new varieties are already catching the attention. Thus, no amount of effort goes useless when it comes to treating your window as strategic decorative piece. Just go through some internet websites that deal with curtain rods

Here, you undoubtedly got a big variety to select from.Like any other show piece, window treatment can be a fancy object of your home. As the intricacy grows, you have got stacked styles, mixed designs and elegantly crafted rods. There are designs inspired by many ancient cultures and that gives a class and elegance. And as a house owner you need to have more information about these items. If in case, you feel you need to get more information on curtain rods and window accessories, you should check out these websites.

As you know, the poly-linen fabric window treatment is something which influences the entire design of your rooms. If you think the draperies are a wonderful part of your interior decoration so are the curtain rods. The simple patterns are mostly consists of rods with round ball shaped finials, tulip shaped finials, conical, square, and semi circle shaped finials in the end.


Think of the toile patterns

In truth, if you chose black bathroom accessories as your starting point you could do both, alternating as your mood strikes.

Another place to carry out your theme of a black bathroom accessories set is in your choices of towel racks and other fixtures. Eyelet is becoming very popular. Another option is to keep your black bathroom accessories set as a backdrop and choose splashes of color for accents.

 Or you could go in a completely different direction and look for soothing pastels for your towels. With a black bathroom accessories set as your starting point, you will find multiple decorating styles to choose from.

With the poly-linen fabric black bathroom accessories set as your starting point, you could choose bright red towels and a rug to match, for a bold, contemporary look. Another popular theme to go along with a black color scheme is Asian inspired bathroom accessories. Or, opt for a shower curtain in one of your chosen accent colors, say, red, to match those gorgeous fluffy towels. If you want a striking look for your bathroom, continue to use the color black for all your bathroom accessories, including towels and rug.

Think of the toile patterns that are so popular these days, for instance. A white eyelet shower curtain, fluffy white towels, and a black bathroom accessories set would look clean and modern. For instance, you can choose a black bathroom accessories set that includes a soap dish, wastebasket, tissue box cover and tumbler and then go in any direction that you want.


Some of the most gorgeous designer

Fabric shower curtains come in quite a variety of styles, lengths and materials of all description for you to choose from. There are lace shower curtains, lined shower curtains, pattern shower curtains, plain shower curtain, and designer shower curtains: these curtains can be made from materials such as cotton, nylon, or terry-cloth and other soft hanging materials, as this will enable them to hang similar to a regular curtain.

  Many fabric shower curtains, especially designer shower curtains comes with a water resistant backing to help keep the fabric dry and thus avoid the possibility of mildew, as most bathrooms and made in such a way that they do not allow for much air to pass through the room and quickly dry out the water and steam from the shower. These shower curtains are usually made of cotton or linen and look very elegant especially when they are hung with a liner.

  Fabric shower curtains need special care as they are very susceptible to mildew stains, from the damp air and steam which usually occurs when someone has a shower. This type of shower curtain should curtain fabric be inspected at least once a week, and if there are any noticeable mildew stains you can easily remove the curtain and wash them in some laundry detergent.

  Some of the most gorgeous designer fabric shower curtains are made from a water-repellent fast drying polyester fabric and they come in quite a variety of styles with some very interesting names. There are Tribal Style shower curtains, Blue Jeans shower curtains, Appliqué shower curtains and Natural Cotton stripes shower curtains just to name a few.

  There is also a much heavier type of fabric shower curtain made from a material called hemp, which is ideal for shower curtains as it is very heavy and best of all it is totally resistant to mildew and soap scum. This type of shower curtain is heavy enough and durable enough that it does not require a liner.

  As a general rule all fabric shower curtains should be hung with a liner, as this not only protects the actual fabric from too much exposure to water from the shower, but it also enhances the elegance of the fabric curtain and gives it a more finish look. When choosing fabric curtains for your shower although patterned shower curtains are nice, plain colors are much more suitable if you want to create that beautifully designed elegant bathroom.


No one knows exactly when the very first Knole sofa was made

A bespoke handmade Knole is not a budget purchase. It is there that a sofa of high quality, using the finest English traditional upholstering was created for Knole House; a stately home (the ancestral seat of the Sackville family) in Sevenoaks, from where the sofa takes its name. When fully dropped down, they allow the sofa to be used as a bed. It can cost anything up to £5000, but it is a piece Curtain Fabrics Manufacturers of furniture that will last several lifetimes. Whatever the truth, experts agree that the Knole sofa that still sits in Knole House is a fine example of the superiority and sophistication of this style of sofa. Occasionally referred to as 'the Knole Settee', some believe that it was the early prototype of the first Knole sofa. These days, it may keep the heating bills down!

Historically, it is believed that the high arms were intended to prevent curious servants from spying on what the lady of the house might be doing whilst her husband was away on business! Whether this is a historical fact, or fiction - it makes a great story to tell your visitors as they admire your very own Knole.

The drop-down arms are a fascinating feature of this excellent example of finest quality furniture. Nevertheless, that shouldn't prevent you from looking for a great Knole for less; there are lots of places to purchase a beautiful two or three seater Knole for less than £2000.

No one knows exactly when the very first Knole sofa was made


Maybe it was because of my fat aunty and the lace cushion

Unfortunately I have had to content myself with viewing museum examples of these very early pieces and representations by artists, like Van Dyke. She had bought it from a widower in her village, whose wife had inherited it from her grandmother. According to Wikipedia fine lace has been manufactured since the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century. It looks as though almost any apparel manufactured for women this summer could be made with lace, have a lace trim or lace panel: blouses, skirts, dresses, t-shirts and even overcoats and bags will be appearing on the high street in lace. I wondered if the grandmother had glasses, or if she worked with a magnifying glass? Although I was told never to touch the cushion I regularly altered the position of many of the bobbins, knowing that it would never be noticed. She could fall asleep without warning during almost any activity including walking. Her house was a vintage treasure trove, a messy jumble of Victoriana and early twentieth century bric-a-brac.

Maybe it was because of my fat aunty and the lace cushion that I have always been attracted to vintage lace.

This collection of vintage lace includes many large document swatches perfect for conversion, reference, trending or inspiration on mood-boards. When I'm out hunting for vintage I am always delighted to find an interesting piece of vintage lace or a vintage lace garment.

When I was young, I enjoyed some of my summer holidays in the country, where I stayed with a fat auntie who suffered from linen-look fabric narcolepsy. She often fell asleep while riding her bicycle. On several occasions I entered her kitchen to find her asleep at the sink with her hand deep in a washing-up bowl. Nothing that entered the chapel ever came out again. I was recently very pleased to be able to purchase a large scrapbook of vintage novelty lace in many colourways and wide variety of designs - I do hope my scanner can do them justice. Lace is definitely on-trend this year and will probably be much bigger in summer 2011.

Over the years, however, I have bought and sold several manufacturers' sample collections of vintage lace. She hardly ever left the house without returning with a newly acquired object and they weren't always small. Vintage lace will be the inspiration for many of these products. She hoarded anything old and although she had very little knowledge of what she was buying, her intuition was sound - she had a good eye.                                   by Sam Scribbler. In her garden stood a small private chapel that she used for the storage of large pieces of mostly dark brown furniture in need of restoration and a couple of pianos. It was only due to quiet country roads and a few miracle escapes that she lived to be eighty-four. She left it to a female cousin who sold it.

A lace cushion she kept on the wide window seat in her parlour always fascinated me.

My aunty was a collector of all things vintage. The cushion was soft satin and the piece of lace attached was extremely fine.

I didn't inherit my auntie's lace cushion. My aunt said it was Belgian and that the grandmother had been Scandinavian. The last piece of lace the grandmother was working on before she died was still attached, as were all of the little bobbins and their threads.Lace is a fascinating fabric, beautiful, intricate, delicate yet deceptively strong and sexy too


Today's economy is much different than the past.

On the note of the environment; cloth diapers help out the environment. If you take away more than two thousand five hundred disposable diapers every year from going into our landfills, there are many less landfills that will get filled, thus reducing the pollution a great deal. They grow on trees in Southern Asian countries, and have no added chemicals or preservatives to irritate your baby's skin.Cloth diapers are making a strong comeback. Are you convinced? Will you switch to cloth diapers?                                   by Matt Johnson.. The tight woven fabric will last frequent washes for many years to come. Have you rethought the processes in your life and how they affect the environment?

Today's economy is much different than the past.

Disposable diapers are anything but natural. This is another factor people consider in their day to day lives. How if ten or twenty families changed over to cloth diapering. Imagine how much that would add up if you had two or three kids. You might be surprised at how much money you can save by switching to cloth.

The benefits of using cloth diapers for your kids are undeniable. Those chemicals and bleaches are in contact with your baby's skin at all hours of the day and night. It is becoming quite popular as one of the best laundry detergents for removing the smells from cloth diapers. They are very good for the environment as well. The environment is becoming a much stronger focus in today's society, thus causing Sofa Fabric Manufacturer people to rethink how they do things. The old days of washing poopy diapers in the sink are over. Has it made a difference in yours? Cloth diapering can save a great deal of money over the years, especially for families with more than one child


Renting is a cheaper option as compared to purchasing displays

• Custom Made Display- Buy your own custom made display to establish your company's identity at any business event. It is best to carry your own portable displays so that when its time for the show you don't get any unpleasant surprises in case the rental provider fails to deliver. You can select a low cost display if your finances are tight at present and opt for a more spectacular, higher priced one when your business improves.

• Cost Effective - Renting is a cheaper option as compared to purchasing displays to use during your trade show participation.                                   by Barbara Jane Radcliff. Best of all, you can opt for a new display every time so that even repeat customers find something new in your trade show stall to capture their attention. When you opt for purchase, you have the opportunity to make improvements, changes or corrections so that at the event you have a 'picture perfect' display. Newer, better and more attractive display options keep entering the xafs all the time. Depending on your needs, it is important to make the right decision about renting or buying these highly valuable xafsing tools for your business. Depending on a rental service will cause delays and at times, displays that you need may not be available at short notice. When you own your display, you are never caught unprepared. You can even streamline your display selection to match the trade show booth dimensions exactly. There are advantages to both these options. Instead of tying yourself down to one owned display you can choose from the most recent arrivals when you tie Curtain Fabrics suppliers up with a good trade show display rental provider. The money you save here can be used to enhance the trade show booth with more displays or multimedia so that the overall impact of your booth is heightened. You can supply the graphics or artwork and the text that you want your display to carry.

• Keep Pace with Changes- When you opt for renting your trade show displays, you can keep pace with changes in this field.

Advantages of Renting

• Flexibility- When you rent trade show displays for your business events, you get maximum flexibility.

Advantages of Buying

• Be Prepared At all Times- Displays like pop ups are very effective even during conferences or seminars that are held in your office.

• Ideal for Events at Outside Locations- If you need to participate in a business event at a location that is unfamiliar to you, it is difficult to identify reliable rental providers there to source displays from. You should understand your needs clearly so that you can make a proper buy or rent decision when it comes to making arrangements for your event.When it comes to trade show displays, you can either opt for a rental or purchase displays for your business event. You can jazz up client presentations even when customers drop in unexpectedly if you own your display.

Trade show displays enhance the impact of your presentation at important business events

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